Caving / Spelunking Guide
High Mountain Expeditions

1380 Hwy 105 South
Boone NC 28607

    Cave trips are fun for both adults and children of all ages. It is amazing when grown men and women start getting muddy, they also start to smile and become kids all over again. In every cave that you will explore, there will be vast chambers and windy crawlways to maneuver thru.

    Rock Dimensions

    131-B S. Depot Street
    Boone NC 28607

      Rock Dimensions uses caves that are suitable for beginners, meaning that the main passages are tall enough to walk through, with some narrow corridors and shallow ceilings. These caves also contain much smaller passages branching off and curving back around to the main corridor, so those who have the desire to explore can experience crawling and wiggling through some tight places.

      River & Earth Adventures, Inc.
      River & Earth Adventures, Inc.

      1655 Hwy 105 South
      Boone NC 28692

        Join River and Earth Adventures for an underground caving experience you will never forget. Caving is truly amazing. Formed in limestone over 550 million years old with better formations than any commercial cave within hundreds of miles

        Linville Caverns, Inc
        Linville Caverns

        19929 US 221 North
        Marion, NC 28752

          Linville Caverns is an ideal destination for visitors of all ages. Courteous and experienced guides take you into the subterranean world, giving you the history of the caverns and allowing you to view the grand work of nature.

          • Linville Caverns, Inc
            19929 US 221 North
            Marion, NC